If you want to take the materials with you:

1.Take a price sheet; determine what type of material and how much of it you will need.

2.If you are purchasing material by the volume, please pay for material and then pull vehicle to area of material. Do not block loading area. Allow room for loader to load your vehicle from side.

3. If you are purchasing items by weight, weigh in your vehicle on the platform scale in front of the office. Please stay in your vehicle so that you can see us wave you on once we have your empty weight. (Please make sure the same number of people are in the vehicle when weighing in and out.)

4. Please note our no return policy. (Please select carefully)

5. Re-weigh loaded vehicle on platform scale. Please wait in vehicle on scale until we have waved you on.

6. Please park away from scale before coming in to pay.

If you want to have the materials delivered:

1. Take a price sheet; determine what type of material and how much of it you will need

2. Return to office to fill out our order sheet including: name, address, phone number, and direction to your location.

3. Discuss and confirm delivery date so reservation can be made.

4. Stone or boulders must be tagged to reserve for delivery.

5. Make sure we are aware of any access problems. We require that you be at location at time of delivery.

6. We offer curbside service only. Placement beyond the curb is left up to the judgement of our delivery driver.

Order Carefully Merchandise is not Returnable for Refund

  • We are always glad to help estimate weights and necessary coverage when you are ordering.
  • Please have the person with final authority pick stone so no problems will arise once material is delivered.
  • Customers can pick up materials in a car or truck and/or trailer to ensure exact color, size, and quantities desired.

No Exceptions

  • Color, thickness, coverage, and texture may vary due to the properties of natural stone.